Don’t let your foot and ankle problems interfere with your favorite Spring and Summer activities.

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Non-Invasive Foot and Ankle Care

Don’t wait to seek help until your foot or ankle problem is serious.

Your feet and ankles are made up of dozens of bones, joints, muscles and ligaments that serve as the foundation for your entire body. Through education and conservative care, we can help you prevent sports injuries, musculoskeletal problems and diabetes-related foot diseases that can keep you from enjoying an active lifestyle.

We recommend that you do not use home remedies without first consulting a podiatrist. Self-diagnosing is often inaccurate and the wrong treatment can prolong or aggravate your problem.

Non-invasive foot and ankle care treatments include:

  • Casting: for fractures, deformities, clubfoot
  • Compression: for strains and sprains
  • Steroid injections: for arthritis, neuroma and plantar fasciitis
  • Diagnostic ultrasound: to diagnose fractures or abnormalities
  • Foot exercises: for arthritis, bunions, arch and heel pain, sprains and strains
  • Medication: for athletes foot, diabetic ulcers, fungus, limb salvaging, warts and wounds
  • Moleskin padding: for corns, calluses, bunions and neuromas
  • Orthotics: for flat feet, hammer toe, pronation and other foot conditions
  • Supportive footwear: for arthritis, bunions, geriatric foot care, hammer toe
  • Splints to wear while you sleep: for hammer toe and plantar fasciitis

When our doctors recommend surgery as the best treatment for severe foot conditions, we provide minimally invasive procedures that get you back on your feet as quickly at possible.


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